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Favorite Things:


Technorati Tool

I'm thinking about a master blog ego tool, one that plugs into Radio and hits a variety of sites, presenting the results on the desktop website. This would allow the end user to get all of the information about their weblog's popularity (among other things) on one page.

I came back from BloggerCon II and everyone was talking about a "cosmos" link, a link on a weblog that would query Technorati and get a list of other posts referencing yours. I'll add that to the tool list.

Programming Notes:

Tool for Radio

Cosmos Macro

Tool installs callbacks in user.radio.callbacks.publishItem

Callback hits during weblog rendering and saves the permalink for us


Dave did most of the work for us, writing some glue code for Radio to access the XML over HTTP, essentially a reimplementation of XML-RPC. Yuk. Dave Sifry, can you fix this and use XML-RPC for us?

4/20/04; 9:09:20 PM by SK

Read through some of the Technorati stuff. This needs a centralized server and XML-RPC. Here's what I'm thinking: Integrate this code that Dave wrote with the Radio Community Server. Make it a feature that has to be enabled and you have to enter a programming key from Technorati. Since you get 500 a day, this will work for smaller groups, but if you can batch the queries, you might be able to pull it off.