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Here's a list of scripts I've written for my own use or for future Radio UserLand releases. All scripts are contained in a single installer table that you can download and import into your workspace table in Radio's object database. The installer will create a table in your "workspace" called workspace.srk.scripts and add to it these three scripts: 15 bold adminMenuList This is a replacement for Radio's admin menu. I've rewritten the existing code to generate a HTML unordered list where each link is a list item. The application name and version number are rendered as a HTML "headline" including the help link. You can see the rendered menu in this screen shot . Note: please don't use this script unless you know how to style unordered HTML lists as menus. categoryLinks Generates an HTML unordered list of links to all of the categories currently configured in your radio weblog. I've excessively commented the code to help new users learn a bit about UserTalk and how Radio's object database can be used. Based on a script written by Mark Paschal and posted on the Radio discussion group . Note: If you have a default Radio install, some categories are pre-built and may not have content. Delete any unused categories to prevent a link to a blank page or an error. Also, this script is not yet smart enough to determine if the category is XML only, so the link is to the HTML directory where the content would be stored. navLinks This is one of my favorites. It takes an outline in Radio's object database that contains a list of links and renders it as either an ordered list or an unordered list. I got a little frustrated with editing XML to change my links and since I use the outline so often, I liked this method instead. Usage: Create an outline and keep it in the object database. This doesn't work on OPML files--there are other scripts for that . Place a reference to this macro in your HTML template: workspace.srk.scripts.navLinks (@address.in.database) onThisDay This was one of the first real scripts I wrote from scratch. It loops through the weblogData.root file for weblog posts made on the current day from last year, the year before and two years before. It's rough. I need to add some better HTML generation code to allow it to display posts in a table or auto post to your weblog each night.

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