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Change Log (most recent at top):
4/17/04; 4:05:36 PM by SRK--formating changes for clarity.
Removed server references, added references to other platforms.
Edited the text to reflect current configuration. Removed references to MacOS 9 and replaced with MacOS
On 12/1/2003, the home server died. It was an iMac DV that I bought at a garage sale, exhibiting signs of a bad power/analog/video board. It finally gave out, so I'm salvaging the RAM and hard drive for another computer later.
For now, I'll leave the instructions up because they are still fundamentally sound. As an interesting side note, Radio is still running on a 'home server', my eMac/1GHz running MacOS X 10.3 with multiple users enabled. I have my login set with Radio running, allowing my wife to "fast user switch" from me to her and back. Radio never misses a beat.
Here's a rundown of the steps I took to get Radio running on a home computer:


DSL connection from SBC with dynamic IP address

D-Link DI-614+ Cable/DSL Router

eMac (1GHz) running MacOS 10.3-- a PC running Windows 98 SE or greater would work too.

Radio Userland for MacOS (one license)

Dynamic DNS account

Computer Setup

iMac runs Radio using private static IP address.

Energy Saver set to dim monitor, respond to network request, no sleep on HD

Router Setup

Network Address Translation (NAT) enabled, port 443 requests mapped to port 5335 on eMac--this allows posting/remote management through my corporate firewall.

Radio Setup

Pref "Remote Access and Security"--all boxes checked with username and password set.

Pref XML-RPC and "Blogger API" set to enable--this is so apps like "NNW" can be used remotely. It's not a requirement if you are just interested in the Radio web interface.

What I get for this...

Remote posting via web browser from anywhere

Remote posting using a news aggregator

Remote pref/template management