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Steve Kirks

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Favorite Things:


I'm going to write a Radio macro that pulls flagged items from NNW and makes a "link log" for my weblog. This outline serves as an easy way for me to keep track of what I'm doing.


I use NetNewsWire, a feed-reading application from Brent Simmons' Ranchero Software, to read about 150 different websites each day. Some of the things I read are interesting, but require no comment on my part. I'd like to link to them, but it's harder to get the details out of NNW and into Radio than I thought.

That's when I realized I could do this easily with AppleScript and Radio. Within Radio, you can write AppleScripts and UserTalk scripts and they can interact with each other. This is the key to making this work.


Use as much installed scripts and procedures as possible. Don't try to reinvent the wheel for this project.

Create the linklog as a category of Radio, allowing me the option of HTML publishing or just RSS.

Use the xml.rss.viewRssBox macro to display the content in the margins of the main weblog page.


Retrieve links from the special flagged items subscription in NNW.

Store the title, URL and attribution (if possible)

Clear the NNW flag

Post the items to the category in Radio

Radio publishes and upstreams the RSS

Retrieve RSS and use for viewRssBox macro