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Favorite Things:


I would like to lead a panel at BloggerCon II.

I've been repeating that sentence for the last two hours after reading that Dave is setting the schedule for the day. I've also been trying to figure out how I was going to convince him to let me speak.

I began with the ground rules: Dave communicates through blogs more than email, so I would have to write a blog posting. Also, he reads trackbacks and referrer links, so I'm linking to his post about the schedule itself. Finally, it has to be relevant to his theme.

Dave posted a guide for BloggerCon newbies, so I went through it for hints. Here's what I have:

The discussion leader

My primary goal is to lead a discussion at BloggerCon, so this section of the guide is most important. I'll need a 5 to 15 mintue outline of a topic for discussion and a short list of general "rules of engagement".

This story will contain the outline when I'm finished.

Think of it as a weblog

This concept will be the most challenging.

I want to talk about the influence of the blogosphere on new writers.

It's a hard topic to define and control, which I think makes it ideal for a discussion group. New writers have a voice that wants to be heard, but often "choke" on the words. Many get caught up in how to say something (weblog software usage issues) instead of what to say. The panel could discuss the care and feeding of new writers, how to help without undue influence and (maybe?) how to find a voice.

I think the topic will work since it is:

--user focused

--everyone has experienced it, in other words, we've all started a weblog

--we all have a vested interest in growing the blogosphere for the better