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Last Updated: 3/17/04; 9:42:57 AM by SRK

I'm working to contribute code revisions for Andrew Grumet's Radio Userland tool integrating RSS and BitTorrent. These are my notes. Changes are listed by tool code sections.


MacOS X Issues

There is something about the downloadEnclosure code in the MacOS X version of Radio that is having a problem with ".torrent" as a file type. It will download enclosures of other types fine.

More testing has found a snag with allowed file types on the "cloud". I'm running my own RCS and noticed that .torrent files were not allowed, so I couldn't upstream or download them as enclosures. I made the change and now I can dowload files that end in .torrent, but the sample feed is giving me some problems, I'm presuming at this point due to the .zip.torrent file extension.

Tool Structure

I'm going to write parts or all of the tool (with Andrew's permission, of course) to integrate some code I was sent to get around the long file name issue.


added code to call a file system navigation dialog to let the user point to their copy of BitTorrent. We can use this later to help determine exact type of PC/Mac it's running on. This helps us especially with the MacOS X version--some people download a Cocoa app instead of the native Python code.

3/17/04; 9:42:04 AM by SRK

Removed this code in the short term. More on why later

All added code in this section is commented by me with reasons why.


added if-else statement with a call to the system.enviroment table to find if we are running Windows or Mac. Important for multi-os support.