Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thinking of Paolo

I noticed that Paolo took a MacBook break to say he was heading for BloggerCon IV. It reminded me to do a back search through my weblog to find some Paolo mentions. Here's a couple:

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Podcast: A Driving Soundscape

A soundscape for your approval: driving back to the office from lunch . The recording device is a Sprint/Palm Treo 650 using the VoiceMemo hacked app. The phone is sitting on the seat next to me and when I turned corners, the end with the mike slid against the seat fabric. That will be the abrasive ripping sound you hear.

Why a soundscape? Well, it's hard to answer that. Ross Rader did a few back in the early days of podcasting (I'm still digging for a link) and my quiet trips in the car remind me of that sometimes.

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Marc Barrot's ActiveRenderer is back and better than ever

Marc Barrot has been toiling away on newer and better versions of ActiveRenderer for quite some time and it looks like his OPML renderer is ready for some public use again. It's part of the iJot environment , a rich web-based outliner.

Thanks for providing the service, Marc. One look at the javascript for the outline renderer reminds me that you are a programming god.

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Podcast: Cooking Last-minute food

A quickie podcast that talks about cooking dinner last night at the last minute. I find that I cook better under pressure, so I figured I chat about it.

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