Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A fantastic birthday week

Yesterday was my birthday and in all of my 36 years, I can't remember the last time a celebration has stretched out across a week's time. On Thursday of last week, we left for Des Moines, IA to spend four days with my wife's sister, her husband and their two adorable children. I was able to do simple things like sleep late and drink good coffee, play with my niece at a pizza place (run by an animatronic mouse), hunt for bargain software, buy good spices and eat fabulous Mediterranean food.

On Monday, Tammy and I shopped for mattresses and finally settled on something good. It's amazing that few people don't spend the money on a good mattress considering how much time they spend asleep. Our old mattress was as aged as our relationship and the new one is about the same as the cost of a well-outfitted MacBook. I'd rather have a MacBook, but you can't sleep on it or share it with your wife now can you?

Tuesday was the actual birthday and the gang from the office took me to lunch and I found balloons and a card waiting for me when I got back. I got some great gifts that revolve around food, a subtle hint that I need to cook more.

Tonight, we're eating dinner with some good friends to round out the week. They won't tell me where I'm going, but considering my choices and their tastes, I know I'm in good hands.

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