Sunday, May 7, 2006

Radio UserLand Redux

I'm back on the Radio UserLand juice. I'll still be working with Squib because my wife's using it for her weblog. My local install had become very unstable. I had tried to work around it by deleting and reinstalling various gems but no luck. It's not the code--it was my install.

I spent about 6 hours copying the posts from my Squib install into my old Radio install and all seems back to normal.

Also, I'm looking for people to help test a Universal Binary version of Radio UserLand for MacOS X. Email me using the envelope link on the left side of the page.

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Jake Savin goes to Microsoft

Jake Savin , a UserLand original and lead programmer, is moving on to bigger and better things with a job at Microsoft.

Jake taught me much about programming, software politics, work relationships and patient coding. Consider this post a "thank you" to Jake for all of his years of hard work on Manila, Radio UserLand, RSS and more.

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