Thursday, May 4, 2006

Tammy Kirks - Best of Missouri Hands

Tammy applied to the Best of Missouri Hands , an artist's organization with a judgement component. Many apply and are members, but few are juried and recognized as the "best" of their peer group.

Congratulations, Tammy!

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Should I make money with a weblog?

Via Tailrank, I came across a "how to monetize your blog" story by Steve Pavlina. It's well written as far as stories like that go and it's motivated me to do something with my writing.

This website will always be my personal weblog but I'm thinking of adding some links and code at the bottom of each entry to take advantage of affinity relationships. I've got Amazon and GoogleAd accounts that I've done nothing with.

The folks at TidBITS have been doing small ebooks for awhile, selling them for $10 a copy and having some success. I'd likely write about food and culinary gadgets because, well, I like that stuff. Why write about something you don't like?

I could write about programming, but to me that's a stress reliever and the audience is so narrow that few would find value. So readers: should I make money with this weblog?

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Electronics are fine

Looks like our electronics are fine. The lightning hit the Missouri State campus two blocks away causing power outages.

I'm off early for the weekend so I'll have plenty of time to do a lot of nothing. I'm dabbling with UserTalk again, experimenting with writing a new root file for blogging app.

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