Tuesday, January 18, 2005

No Follow For You!

Google's announced it and we're working on the code for UserLand products: a way to fight comment spam by denying the PageRank.

Other search engines are involved: MSN Search and Yahoo! .

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Radio UserLand: RadioExpress

RadioExpress : Updated to include a current link to Mike's RadioExpress bookmarklet.

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TextWranger software is now free

A tip of the hat to Ranchero for this pointer to the now free TextWranger software from BareBones.

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a rexblog foursome

Rex Hammock, Userland customer generally cool blogger, is always a prolific poster, but I saved four items in my aggregator for posting. (Sorry folks, I'm way behind so some of this is old.)

Special recognition for Rexao[dot accent]s third anniversary writing for the web.

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A link to PocketSOAP

Simon Fell: "PocketSOAP"

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PocketSOAP, Simon Fell and Radio UserLand

I discovered a new yet old piece of code while perusing Dave Winer's old Scripting News entries around the launch of Radio UserLand . Thank goodness Radio (and other UserLand products) are built around open standards and formats.

Even though the code is nearly three years old, it still works like a champ. I wrote this post in Word and hit a button-- bing! --it's on my Radio weblog.

Update: Well, it's not perfect but worth playing with...

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Worth re-reading:


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HTML anchors plus relationship label equals no spam?

padawan makes the post I wanted to, firing a guess over the blogosphere's bow about the relationship label in HTML links and Google. We'll have to let the drama play out to find the answer, but if you view the source code of Dave Winer's bloggercon.org site, you'll see the details.

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Paolo mentions that vintage iPods are cool. Count me in--I have a 10GB second generation and use it weekly or so. I added to it an iTrip and I have my own personal radio station. Yes, retro iPods are cool, but I will probably buy a 1GB iPod shuffle to use as a USB drive in addition to playing music for workouts and times when I don't care what's playing.

BTW: I created my own iPod shuffle by creating a random playlist of 100 songs and then set it to play on my commute home last night. No matter how much I wanted to flip to the next song of "futz" with the thing, I didn't. Come to think of it, that was just like listening to FM radio. :)

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