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  Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Mail-to-Weblog and New Aggregator for Radio

I'm trying to do a little posting today using the mail-to-weblog feature in Radio. The web interface I setup doesn't appear to be working--probably router settings or dynamic DNS. Worst of all, I use the Radio web interface to read news remotely, especially at work. Ugh. Troubleshooting never ends.

Since I'm now without a portable (the Powerbook leaves tomorrow for California and it's new home), I'm working on a new version of the aggregator for Radio. I've copied the aggregator's code into a new table in the workspace table and have started to document it. My next stop is to email Roge rs Cadenhead and see how much of this is covered in his new book.


I've been reading Matt Neuburg's nearly six year old book on Frontier and still find it useful. That's how I was able to learn enough to correctly copy the aggregator code and create the new table. I want to rebuild the aggregator so it has more prefs for the display. Here's my list:

--Headline only display without the content --Headline only display of only a single weblog at a time. --subscription grouping

Now you might ask: why do this, just run a desktop aggregator? Well, I do. I use NetNewsWire from Brent Simmons' Ranchero Software. I love it, but it runs on a Mac and I have a PC at work. I don't want to buy a second copy of Radio--I don't need the second weblog hosting, etc.--and none of the Windows products have the simplicity, elegance or speed of NNW. This brings me to a point of self-analysis, where I determined that since I'm learning Frontier (since I want to customize Manila a bunch), why not apply the knowledge in a simple fashion first? Plus, immediate gratification never hurt anyone. :>

If anyone has seen some previous Radio work with modifying the aggregator, specificially the layout, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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Jake says in this post:

Enter Firebird -- Mozilla's slimmed-down browser offering. It's got tabs. It's got auto-complete. It's standards-compliant. It's fast. And it's got Midas. I didn't even have to change my software to get the rich text editor to work.

I just downloaded it and did the install. He's right--I'm running it on Windows 2000 on my computer at work. It's faster than IE, responds better to bad HTML and works great with my install of Sun's Java. It also exposes the programming holes in some of our intranet apps. Why not program with standards when you have the opportunity, eh?

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